Tangerine Comet Premium SE Hybrid

Post pictures of your Hyundai Kona here
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Tangerine Comet Premium SE Hybrid

Post by anupanu » Sun Aug 23, 2020 11:12 pm

Finally, my car arrived, so here are some pictures.

20200816_100049[153] (2).jpg

20200816_100014[154] 2mp (2).jpg

20200816_100023[156] 2mp (2).jpg

The third image is taken on a different camera, but at the same time and shows a slight difference in shade

20200215_150951 2mp (2).jpg

20200215_162119 2mp.jpg

Tangerine Comet Premium SE Hybrid, initially due early May, then due early June, arrived 14th August 2020.

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