Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

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Re: Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

Post by the_moonwalker » Tue Oct 08, 2019 11:55 am

Please inofrm us about the results Bart! Good Luck!

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Re: Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

Post by Paulo » Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:22 pm

Yes, please keep us informed...

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Re: Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

Post by BartStilgo » Thu Oct 10, 2019 5:59 pm

Feedback time !
Get yourself a comfortable chair and coffee or if its late in the evening something a little stronger

Lets start with, I'm not driving a Kona. Today its an i20.
But of course I'm still paying for a Kona.

I visited Bristol Street on Tuesday morning and met up with the engineer who had come down from Hyundai UK to take a look at the Kona. Nice chap. Discussed with him the problems with cold starting and he wanted to make a comparison between my Kona and another one. Sounds good tom me at least someone is thinking about things. The only issue there was not another cold Kona with around 6k miles on it so he made do with a brand new one.
Remember this is a cold start issue and even after 24 hours it may not return especially in warm weather so my Kona was purposefully picked up on the 4th and locked up so nobody could drive it until it was started on the 8th. All going to plan so far.
New Kona first.
Bonnet up and his recording gadget ready the engine started and it was so silent it was incredible. No metallic sounds, no chain sounds just quiet and purring away to itself. I shook my head in disbelief at the utter difference to the bag of spanners I have drive.
"If my car sounded like that, I wouldn't be here." I replied to the engineer who looked at me strangely.
So my Kona next
Same start up procedure and yes for a very short time the now familiar metallic sound followed by 20 seconds of chain noise before it became silent like the other engine on the new Kona.
"They all rattle a bit." Said the engineer.
Here we go. But determined to continue discussed the intial bad rattle.
The engineer wanted to carry out more test so I off loaded the other grips to him and then left him and a technician from Bristol Street to get the car into their workshop and begin doing what they needed to.
Next day I called the garage.
"Your car needs a new engine."
The engineer had decided to drain the oil. Remember the vehicle has had a Hyundai modification to the cam chain cover already, where the chain was grinding away the cover. All guided by the very knowledgeable Hyundai technical staff.
"the engine oil was full of metal particles." You're not kidding! Well what a shock. Who'd have thought that!!!!
"and the oil was all sludgy." Not my words but theirs.
So after about a thousand miles on new oil its goosed.
"You cant drive the car."

So where am I?
My 6000 mile Kona needs a new engine. It's not officially been approved by Hyundai UK and I don't have a single time line to work to. And there are no replacement engines in the UK.

I can tell you, I've never felt this angry with anybody. Six months of talking to them about this issue and still no satisfactory resolution.
I will never buy another Hyundai.
And if this issue is related to more than one car then the depreciation on this Kona will mean it will be worthless.

I understand Hyundai have a good reputation with reliability but it seems they do not know how to behave when problems come knocking on their door.

I will be writing to the Managing Director of Bristol Street (Again) and venting my anger, frustration at him.

More updates soon when I get some official answers and a copy of the engineers report which I will post (If I can work out how!)


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Re: Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

Post by davrob36 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:28 pm

Bart if it ends up with a replacement engine make sure it is NEW not a factory rebuild which I have experienced in my motor trade years.
Shame you are thinking of not buying another Hyundai because my thinking they are a brilliant car and it's a shame you and some others have a dude one.
As I keep on mentioning our sister the Kia Stonic problems have all gone quite.

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