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Re: Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 7:56 pm
by the_moonwalker
Hi! First of all, I hope that I'm not breaking any forum rules, it's my first post here. Like the most of you, I am owning a 1.0 t-gdi engine, but not in the Kona. I'm driving the KIA Ceed CD 2019, just like Paulo. And hi there Paulo, I think we have already met in the KIA forum on the same topic. :-)

My car makes the same rattle noise when I cold start the engine, sometimes even when it is warm. Meanwhile there are no rules. My dealer said that it is totaly normal for the 1.0 turbo engine to sound like that , but I am not so sure if this is the case.

I've red about this in some German forums as well. Same answer from the dealers there too: It is a normal 1.0 three cylinder engine start sound.

Well, I still don't agree, like the most of you.

I will take the car to my dealer next week again and they will check for more details then. At this moment my milage is about 1.500. Not much.

I am not that worried as KIA/Hyundai cover this with a warranty, but it still would be great if they would fix problems if there realy are some.

Heres a video with this terror sound on the startup (second 4-5):

Re: Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 6:00 pm
by davrob36
What I can't understand is WHY is it that the 1.0 Turbo has this problem with models Kona, Stonic & Ceed whilst it has never been mentioned with NON turbo models like the i10 and Picanto.
So is there any difference in the make up of these models with the timing chain and tensioner.
Only somebody from Hyundai or Kia could tell us what the differences if any.

Re: Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:16 am
by the_moonwalker
Well, in the end it might be that everything is just totaly fine with the engine and that this is just the standard sound we have to live with. I have heard worse from Volkswagens three cilynder TSI engines, the ones without the timing chain issue. The one I saw had ower 150k km and sounded like a military truck while coldstarting. Owner says it is the case since he bought the car.
If the dealer says it is ok, there is actually not much I can do than sit and hope that there will not be a reason for a warranty coverage. These 1.0 three-cylinders are "new-school" engines and there is not much feedback from the market how they are working after a higher millage.

What is the biggest millage someone here in the forum has with a Kona 1.0 t-gdi?

P.S. Meanwhile I have a new video with this sound. Will upload it soon here.

Re: Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 7:46 pm
by Paulo
Hi moonwalker,

My car has 3000km and the noise is not so bad in the startup but it last for almost a minute.
I guess that it will came with the milleage.

Re: Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:53 pm
by the_moonwalker
Hi Paulo,

Can you make a video from the start of the enginea? Just to compare the sounds.

I saw an e-mail from my KIA service today. They wrote me to bring the car back one more time so they can check everything once again and make sure that everything is ok.
I think I will leave the car tomorrow and than I'll write back with more information, as soon as they tell me something.


Re: Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:04 pm
by Paulo
Hi moonwalker,

I will Try to post it.

Re: Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 5:35 pm
by davrob36
No more news from anybody ?
I done my 1000mile trip with no noises so I am hoping mine keeps as it is.
I have just had a questionnaire from Hyundai asking me about the product which I must say I am very please with but did mention my concerns what I have read in the media so whether i shall hear anything back from them I shall have to wait and see.
Hope you folks who are having problems are getting sorted.

Re: Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 10:13 am
by the_moonwalker
No news from me at all. And no news in other forums/ Facebook groups I am active in, that are discussing this issue. I've read in a Kona Facebook group post from owners that have reached near 60.000 miles having the same start sound, but with no other problems by now at all. But that doesen't mean that there aren't going to be problems later.
However, I'm just using my car right now like it is totaly normal and I'm getting used to the sound. Even though I have to say that it is not that frequent as it was in the beggining any more.
I think I will just follow it and see how the engine behaves in general.
The dealer said it is normal and there is no reason to worry. They have the evidence that I've reported the issue, so it is a warranty thing if it is a fault in the end.
Of course, I will report here every new information about this case, as soon as I have something new.

Re: Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 7:54 pm
by BartStilgo
Well we have a date for the car to go back to Bristol Street and be looked over by Hyundai UK. 8th October. The car will be picked up on the 4th and then sit until the 8th before I go and join the guys from Hyundai.
Over the last few weeks the Kona's been driven a few miles and the weather has been warm here to. And not to forget fresh oil was put in when the cam chain was changed. With all this in place the start up noise has been ok although there seems to be three separate noises the final one taking up to a minute to quieten down before the tick over noises goes silent.
I have to say once we're over the start up it always goes well and the more miles it does with short down times between running the quieter the start up noise.
Yesterday after raining again and a short trip out of less than 10 miles it was unhappy starting again taking a few seconds to fire up.
I think this car is like me it just doesn't like getting up in the morning

Will update next month

Re: Cold Start Engine 'rattle' (1.0)

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:23 pm
by davrob36
Tomorrow is the big day - Good Luck Bart !!!