Potential GT Purchaser with a few questions

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Potential GT Purchaser with a few questions

Post by Barnsleyrob » Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:39 am

Hi all,

I’m thinking of downsizing my BMW X5 for the Kona GT and would be grateful for the help of any forum members in answering a few questions.

Is the Kona any good in snow on the standard UK fit tyres ? We live on a steep hill and need to be able to get to housebound mother-in-law who lives in the back of beyond (Penistone for this in the know). I have a set of winter wheels and tyres for the BMW but they don’t seem to be available for the Kona.

What is the real world fuel economy ? There isn’t any data on the current websites for the GT and I’ve seen a few adverse comments. Obviously people who are happy with the mpg are less likely to comment than those who aren’t (not a criticism, it’s just our nature) but I’m just trying to get a feel. The BMW easily does 35 mpg.

How easy is the DCT to live with ? I had a short test drive but the dealer was careful to drive first to “warm it up”. I though it was fine but it was only a 10 minute hop through town really.

Thanks in advance.

ElectraGlidein Blue
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Re: Potential GT Purchaser with a few questions

Post by ElectraGlidein Blue » Wed Nov 14, 2018 9:46 pm

I have a new Kona EV. It is pretty lively when accelerating, with loads of torque so I am wondering about grip in the winter. Might give up and use our Fiesta if it gets really bad.

Having fitted Michelin Cross Climate tyres on our Fiesta Diesel I will switch to these as soon as possible. Cross Climates should give you the winter grip you need though you might need 17’ rims as available on other cars in the range.

If you want to know about the DCT look at the Kia Niro forum.

https://www.niroforums.co.uk/viewtopic. ... t=Dct#p840

That forum has a much more active forum and a lot of comment on the DCT transmission, though of course that car is a hybrid. I prefer the EV, no gearbox, no lag when moving off, no complex petrol engine and more torque than any other Kona. Lacks the GT’s top speed but how often can you do127mph?
Kona 64kw EV 🚙

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