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I Never Knew the Wife was an Ironman Fan

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 10:40 am
by Tam Slick
Just took possession of a Ironman limited edition.

We went to look at a new Kona Premium and all that they had in the showroom was a white one, the missus doesn't do white cars.

She then spots this stylish Grey and red number and wanders over to it, asks to see in the boot, mumbles something about, nice colour, good size boot, has a test driver.

When asked if she enjoyed the test drive, all she can say is, we're having it, funny thing is the very last thing she says to me is"we're not buying a new care until we come back from our holidays".

That, I suppose is the way to buy a car.

Re: I Never Knew the Wife was an Ironman Fan

Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 11:24 am
by Kona Kenny
I had to look on Google to see what an Ironman looks like. Very nice colour combination. We were going to wait until next year to buy a new car but after a friend took us out in his Kona we decided to get one straight away. I hope you enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours.