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Post by susskit » Fri Jun 17, 2022 12:55 pm

I have atm an Ioniq Hybrid with which I am very happy but being a low vehicle it is getting more and more difficult for us to get out of so I have decided to swap it for a 64kw Kona, hence the subject heading. An impressive motor and the first drive in an EV is surprising.

I have one or two queries that I suspect I may get better answers from actual drivers rather than the dealer sales guys so I will be posting again.

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Post by exskodaman » Fri Jun 17, 2022 1:50 pm

Hi We got our Kona EV on Monday and I must say that coming from an SUV it is quite a bit lower but we will get used to it, so far we are loving it smooth and quick instant acceleration when needed and so economical.
You will love it we jumped the queue and got ours in 1 month from ordering due to it being a cancelled order.
Coming from a Skoda Karoq Edition 1.5 dsg.

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Post by QPRfan » Fri Jun 24, 2022 7:39 am

Got our Kona 64 Premium exactly 4 week ago now. Absolutely loving it. Comfortable, enjoyable, frugal, plenty of 'toys' and holds the road well.

We came from firstly a Zoe 20, then a Leaf 40 and now to the Kona 64. All three cars have been brilliant. Range was obviously an issue when we had our Zoe (80 miles) , this became less so with the Leaf (150 miles) but is no issue at all in the Kona. Last week we did a 169 mile trip and arrived home with 50% battery remaining. We are constantly getting around 5 miles per kw (or more) for short trips and long trips. The Kona 64 is most certainly a 300 mile + car for much of the year and I suspect even in the depths of winter it will return 250 miles.

Refueling her is so cheap using Octopus Go

The only downside of the Kona is the smallish boot. But other than the annual airport run, its adequate for us.

Comparing the seat hight of the (low) Leaf to the Kona; yes its far easier to get into and out of the Kona buts its not like climbing into, say, a Honda CRV.

Its a brilliant car, especially if its just the two of you. Just maybe not not so much for a family of 4 - due to its smaller boot space.

I have zero regrets about getting the Kona and I suspect 99% of all Kona EV owners would say the same
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