Kona all electric 2023 front led light bar

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Hi have just received delivery of our new Kona today and would appreciate some advice. The light bar at the front only illuminates at the left and right not the middle. The dealer mentioned that it’s because they are the running lights but noticed from lots of YouTube videos on the Kona the whole bar should glow.Am I missing something simple in the settings? Surely once the lights are in automatic setting or manually turned on full the light bar should come on fully. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Did you manage to get a fix for this? I have the same problem but have been told that it’s because I have the advance spec and bar will only fully illuminate on the higher spec models. Our salesman wasn’t aware of this! Wondering whether there is a way to fix it?
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There is no 'fix' for it. The full lighting is only available (in the UK) on the N-Line S and Ultimate models. Check out the online specifications or the brochure.
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