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Post by latch »

Hi All,
Back home after getting our 1st Hyundai.
We picked up our 2021 Kona Ultimate Hybrid Auto in Wales Red yesterday afternoon, after going down south to Berkshire by train from North Wales.
We stayed down last night so we could enjoy the drive back home learning about the car all the way (Great fun!!)
Having had a 2 litre Qashqai +2 manual since 2016 (great car btw) what a different world I have entered, an absolute joyous drive home, it said we got 65mpg on the journey home after resetting trip when we filled it up near Oxford. Well chuffed with that, I'll know better after next tank full.
It's going to take a while to get used to all the tech, but at the moment I only have 1 question,
How do you turn down the volume or mute the sat nav voice? She is TOO loud

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Post by Jeffers »

nav volume.JPG

Set up -> navigation -> get the map on screen and down the left hand side should be vertical row of buttons sound volume is No 4 on the screen shot http://webmanual.hyundai.com/STD_GEN5W/ ... ation.html
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Post by Phil3747 »

Is there an option to switch to a man's voice as he wouldn't feel the need to shout ?? ;) ;)
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Post by latch »

Thanks for that Jeffers, she is a lot quieter now. I once had Austin Powers on a tom tom "you've reached your destination groovy driving yeahhh" still makes me smile
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