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Post by TaylorT2 »

Hi all,

New member here, thinking about ordering a 65kwh Ultimate 2024 Kona.

I did however want to ask the owners of this vehicle a few questions:

- What is your range like in summer/winter

- How bad is the battery Degradation over 2-3 years, on the 65kwh battery .As cars like the ID3 have really bad degradation

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Post by russelluk »

Hello just bought a new Hyundai Kona n

Having issues with the sat nav POI icons I have selected the icons I want to display on the map eg petrol stations parking and others.

But when I have the sat nav on none of these are showing on the map. Also my speed camera alert is not going off.

I have the bluelink app bur still nothing .

Has anyone got the same problem or am I just getting it wrong and the map does not show the icons?

Help Please

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