Touch up paint

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Touch up paint

Post by mutley » Sat Jul 20, 2019 11:46 pm

Is there anyone having problems getting touch up paint? My Kona is Galactic Grey which is the only colour you get without paying extra. Dealer said they haven’t heard of that colour before!! looked it up and then said not available possible 6 months !!
so it’s my responsibility to cover any stone chips for bodywork warranty how can i do that if they can’t supply the paint ? Madness, called customer service didn’t want to know said call dealer couldn’t wait to get me off the phone. :o

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Re: Touch up paint

Post by AEB-UK » Sun Jul 21, 2019 10:52 am

Someone on Ebay claims to have some:-
2019 Kona EV Premium SE in Ceramic Blue :D

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