Advice for Winter tyres and wheels (UK)

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Advice for Winter tyres and wheels (UK)

Post by Kona1970 » Tue Jun 23, 2020 9:05 pm

While I am awaiting delivery of my Kona I am thinking of winter already. With my last two Hyundais (new from Dealership) I normally buy all season tyres to fit and sell the originals on an auction site to offset cost of new tyres. With the Kona I am thinking of getting a set of steel wheels and winter / All season tyres so am looking for some advice.
The premium SE has tyres 235/45 R18 ( 7.5J x 18) but when I try some Uk site configurators they give say a 16 inch rim size. As a complete noob to what can and can't fit wheel wise - a site I googled stated it was safe to drop from say a R18 to R17 but not to a R16 as brakes might foul the wheel.

If anyone in the Uk has bought winter wheels and tyres I would appreciate advice on what size rims to buy.


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