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This is my first post so please forgive any etiquette errors.

I've had my new Kona for nearly a month and now has 1000 miles on the clock, like most people I find the bongs annoying but have short-cutted to turn them off quite easily. The Sat Nav speed limit indicator is often wildly incorrect, surprising as my previous car was a 2016 KIA Sportage and that was correct 100% of the time.

Otherwise it drives well and economical and on the whole I'm more than happy , but there is a but.... I'm hoping someone here will have experienced the same or be able to tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Firstly, No matter how much I try I can't get any of the Bluelink Alert Services to work, ie; Geo Fence, Speed, Valet alerts etc. I've set Geo Fence boundaries to alert entering and exiting different zones with a 1 mile radius. I've set Valet mode on via the app and from within the car again setting speed and mileage boundaries, but never get any alerts when the vehicle exceeds any of these? Although the vehicle IS in Valet mode when I drive it and it does show on the dash what speed/distance was driven.

I have no problem locking/unlocking the car and checking its location via the Bluelink app so clearly I am able to connect with the car? Push notifications are on for everything and I do get alerts if I haven't locked the car for example. Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

A second annoyance is finding out how to get Android Auto on the vehicle to show all the music albums that I have on the phone , Bluetooth and wifi both on, tried using the hardwired USB-C socket and wireless but the music is never found, WhatsApp, a radio app and podcast app all appear but nothing to let me access my music through the cars audio? Again, any help would be appreciated.

And lastly, I dont get any visual or audible alert to notify me when a phone text or WhatsApp message is received, although I can read and reply to them via the cars system, I've looked for a setting somewhere but can find nothing relevant. Is this normal? surely this is something I would expect to get a bong unlike some of the other annoying bongs.

Sorry if I'm over stepping the mark for a newby to the forum, if thats the case I apologise, ignore my post and move on.

Many thanks in advance

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