4x4 only below 30 km/h ?

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4x4 only below 30 km/h ?

Post by rhofiera » Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:02 pm

It seems that for speed over 30 km/h , the 4WD capability of kona is shut off.

I've read the manual and it says that "LOCK" will disengage when the car reach 30 km/h of speed.

So basically at cruise speeds kona in no more 4WD and become a normal car !!!!

it's disappointing, isn't it ?

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Re: 4x4 only below 30 km/h ?

Post by Shel » Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:09 am

Not quite basic 2wd. Although you can't lock up 4WD over 30 kph, it still:

The all-new KONA offers an on-demand All Wheel Drive system for optimum handling and cornering performance. It makes driving slippery surfaces and bumpy country roads safer and much more fun. Featuring Advanced Traction Cornering Control to improve agility and stability, it actively distributes torque while accelerating in curved sections. And that translates into some seriously exciting driving dynamics – because it’s not just getting there, it’s how we feel on the way.

From. http://www.hyundai.com/eu/en/Showroom/S ... index.html

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