Gridserve charging issues Kona 24

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First question and hopefully it's not already been answered I have looked.
I have the new model Kona electric and have had no problems charging it except at Gridserve high speed sites, which is annoys they seem to be the only option at motorway services near me.
I plug in use my credit card and it gives a few clicks and then says that they cannot communicate with the car I have had error codes 011 and 006 Gridserve have checked and restarted the charger but can't fix the issue. Is this common or do other Kona drivers have no problem?
All other chargers seem fine.

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Yep, I had this last weekend, spent half an hour on phone to Gridserve, changed to a different charger and still didn't work. I was concerned as I hadn't used a DC charger since I bought it. However subsequent charges on other chargers were ok and then charged ok on a Gridserve 50 kW on Thursday. Had a similar problem once with my previous Kona on a Gridserve charger but other times were OK. I guess could take it to a dealer but it's such a random problem it may be difficult to diagnose.
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