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Slumppy says "A pain I know but Hyundai is only following the current regulations."

I agree it is a pain, and find it not only a pain but distracting. If there are too many dings I gibve up and ignore them. And so important messages may be missed or I will be distracted to look away from the road for a 1 mph speed variation or even an erroneous speed notification. But I don't believe Hyundai has to do this. On my New Electric Kona I have the option to just show the speed limit the car believes is valid, with no dings. I select this every time and believe it is acceptable under UK law as a default. But at the moment my car does not accept it as a default and as far as I can see Hyundai are showing no signs of changing that. Which is annoying me and many other customers. I hope they will listen and allow this setting to remain through a restart, in the not too distant future.

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