Blue Link Application in Europe

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Blue Link Application in Europe

Post by Srdan101 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:51 pm

Hi, I'm Srdan from Sibenik in Croatia. I got my Kona electric on 16th of July 2019 and I'm enjoying it since I got it. There is an issue I would discuss with other Kona EV owners. There is this useful Blue Link aplication which allows us to experience new opportunities like the remotely controlled preconditioning of the car. Today, while there was more than 37oC outside and around 55oC inside my Kona, I imagined how it would be great if I could set the AC in my Kona so I don't have to fry my whole body after I sit in the car. Does anyone know anything about the Blue Link aplication for existing Kona electric owners in Europe?
By the way, today I sent an email to an Hyundai Europe employee asking the same question. She is on annual leave and will be back to the office on 20th of August.
I'm waiting for a reply.
There is a petition on about Blue Link for Kona EV in Europe. Do you know about that?

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