Challenges with public fast chargers

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Challenges with public fast chargers

Post by EalingMum » Mon Oct 28, 2019 8:31 am

I am new to the community and hoping that you can give me some advice.
Having had my Kona Ev for 3 months now I have done a couple of holiday trips in the Uk and am finding using public fast chargers very problematic from the perspective of knowing when I can rely on getting a workable fast charge connection.
First journey down to Exeter the first Electric Highway charger I tried would not maintain a reliable connection and the phone support informed me that there was a known problem due to the speed on the connection with the Kona however the Exeter Services EH fast charger would be compatible - which it was and I used that successfully.
This week in Norfolk I successfully obtained a fast charge at a Genie point charger in Norwich but when I tried to use the same network charger in Chelmsford again the fast charge failed repeatedly but I could get a 7kw charge (so got enough to limp home at 50mph).
I'd really like some information as to how I can determine which fast chargers I can rely upon to get a fast charge and where I can get the details of which are compatible with my Kona SE 64kw. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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