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Faults and Technical chat for the Hyundai Kona
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Post by Stark »

Hi, I have a 2020 kona electric.
39kw version.

I bought it in November 2020 and its been in the garage 3 times since. The last 2 times it has been for the error codes 'p0c17 and 1AA600'

These have rendered the vehicle immobile and the AA was called out twice to fix. Their diagnostic machine gave the error codes and were able to factory reset and get it moving

I then took it to the garage where since August it has remained and I have been told they cant find a fault to fix. Despite being given the codes from the AA.


As the dealership want me to take my car back and see if it'll fault again for them to then recover.

I am quite disheartened by the service if im honest and don't feel comfortable taking back a vehicle that is clearly faulty. Its only done 4500 miles.

I've looked online and mentions of intermittent faults with the codes Appear all over but mostly in Canada and USA.

I will forward these on to the dealership but I suspect they will want UK reports.


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Post by KoolKonaEV »

Hi Stark, I have just been looking on tinternet and poc17 is a motor position sensor fault, but I assume you have found the same thing. I't's not a fault I've come across, in fact, touch wood, I've not experienced any faults at all.
It's good that you have posted it here though, maybe someone else has had the same fault out there.
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Post by MartinC »

Joined forum today to report my March 2020 Kona has joined the "Check Electric Vehicle System" failure club. Actually for the second time. First time in a Car Park 2 months ago on an AC charger, I pulled the cable and it come out whilst the power was still on charger, so found video on-line and reset by pulling 12v battery and all worked OK and I put it down to EMI issue with hot switching the charger.
Today Kona was in the garage on Home charger to 100% overnight (as travelling long distance) and disconnected and found CEVS messaage on dash. Thought I knew what to expect, i.e. no drive, which was right, but disconnecting and reconnecting 12V battery did not clear the fault. (tried 3 times!). So out comes AA man (disguised as Hyundai Assisstance) scratches around nothing happening. Then he gets he ODB Bosch(?) reader and plugs it in the port. Sucks out all the data and hay presto Kona clears the CEVS message and we are off.
Interesting while I was on test drive AA man looks at OBD data and finds a fault still active message ?? So he's emailed me the data (should get it in a couple of days) So now I'm booked in to main dealer 5 days away, are they going to take may car away for 2 months? What's the issue really? Are all the batteries dud?
Will be only charging to 90% in the meantime!

and from the AA
Patrol found the following fault code/s:System : HV battery management - 8HJ / HV battery 4.1 Status :1AA600 - Unknown fault. Error Message : . Fault active.Vehicle did not start after a charge. did a battery reset And then vehicle started. Found unknown fault on bosch.

Any help?
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Post by nrmacg »

New 64k Kona. Delivered December 21. Last day of the year it stopped. 850 miles on the clock and wouldn't drive. The AA diagnosed POC17 error and today, January 5th, it's gone into the local dealership.
Really disappointed, this problem is too common it seems.
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Post by Brendabeaverxox »

The same thing has happened to my father's Kona EV, he bought his in 2021, so its relatively new, it's a 64kw and it has come up with the codes "P0C17" and "P06AA". It's been to three dealerships over the course of 6 months, the first erased the code and had a joyride in the car, the second weren't as bad but still didnt fix the code, and the third was the kindest but still didnt fix the code. Me and him were charging at Lidl and it abruptly stopped charging at 78%? He tried to start the car and it came up with "Battery Discharge Warning: Please Use This Car After Starting The Vehicle", even though the car was already started.
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